My full name is Rūta Masilionytė. I’m a photographer from Lithuania. I recently moved to Germany and am very excited to do some photoshoots here.

Photography has always been more like art rather than business to me. I, also, believe that photographer is more of a personal quality rather than a choice of career.

I’ve been doing photography since my teenage years. When 18 years old, I opened my first photo exhibition called “Colourful without colors”. During the years I also volunteered at this Lithuanian project called neBrisius.lt, where I took photos of people who adopted a pet from the animal shelter to bring awareness to the issue.

I’ve done a course on Psychology and read a lot about it. Human (or human behavior) is a topic of interest of mine. I try to understand every person I’m taking a photo of and build an atmosphere where they could be themselves.

I love to dig deeper not only into the people around me but also into the world I live in. I’m a passionate traveler with many countries visited. I’ve lived in my home country Lithuania, Australia, the United States, and currently, I live in Germany. Lessons learned from those experiences abroad shaped my personality and helped me to become a more empathetic person.

I hope I can get to know you too shortly!